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Our Story

FURPER STORY Furper is india's 1st innovative online shopping store dedicating to inspiring happiness and promoting quality living by enabling access to global products at the best prices.


Our overarching goal is to inspire happiness and promote quality living by enhancing the delivery of quality products to India and its constituent communities. Every product available by Furper India is carefully selected, and guaranteed to delight and excite. We ensure that we ship our innovative products to every small city in India so that we may expand the reach of happiness and quality living. Every year we are excited to grow together and serve more than 2,00,000 customers effectively since 2016 and we remain committed to maintaining this standard. At the moment, is regarded as the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in India. 



In July 2016, in a small apartment in India, Siddharth Nagi an enthusiastic digital entrepreneur launched Furper, which is today the no 1 go-to online store in India.

The company was founded with the vision of inspiring happiness and promoting healthy living through the enhancement of access to online global quality products to India and its constituent communities.


Due to Siddharth’s dedication and selfless efforts, the results began to pay off quickly as customers, lovers and admirers started expressing their love, delight, and satisfaction with Furper’s excellent service delivery loves their products and service.

For over 2 years Siddharth successfully managed everything all by himself. These activities ranged from taking customer orders to packaging, and dispatch as well as online support in his bedroom.

Today, consolidating on the success and people’s support and goodwill. Furper is now the biggest global product market in India and inspires happiness and promotes quality living by delivering more than 2,00,000 products to our esteemed customers. It is our commitment to continue to inspire happiness and promote quality living by delivering quality global products in India at a very low margin.


factory furper


All the products are on furper exclusive from the brand factory.


This year we took our experience and innovation further so that we may inspire more happiness and offer more goodness by launching our Android and IOS app please Install and happy shopping.
furper android app


furper iphone app
We serve our customers better than most of the competitors by employing the mechanism of drop shipping all our global products are in our store in India we ship directly from India at a very low cost and providing them fast shipping + 10 days return policy. We sell at final prices there we have successfully eliminated no custom duty + shipping taxes or delays in their orders. We also offer up to a 1-year product warranty on a few global products. We have excellent customer support. and friendly android and iOS app. 



Our vision to Lead in quality, minimalistic, smart, and innovative products by inspiring happiness and promoting quality living by enabling access to global Products for the people in India at the best prices, 

In the nearest future, we will open a massive offline store where our esteemed customers, admirers, and lovers can see the demo of every product and buy or pick their online orders from the offline store branch of Furper.


We consider ourselves not just entrepreneurs but change makers, and this is what is inspiring us to keep doing our best for our country by serving the best products in the Indian online market.



  • Customer focused
  • Trust and integrity 

  • Best practices

  • Excellence



Founder - Siddharth Nagi
siddharth nagi

Siddharth Nagi is Furper's founder and he is responsible for setting Furper's vision and making sure that it is unique and attractive to potential consumers. Siddharth Nagi concentrates on creating value for Furper's customers and making sure that the company is constantly evolving and changing with the times.

Content Creator - Manpreet Kaur 
Manpreet kaur

Manpreet Kaur produces entertaining or educational material and is responsible for the contribution of information to any media. Manpreet Kaur's various tasks include writing articles, adding product listing for Furper's company's web pages, e-books, videos, and social media posts.   

Visual Creator - Sulaman Mahdi

Sulaman Mahdi creates branding projects from the ground up, develop campaigns, lead a team of designers, provide quality art and creative direction, and design apps, websites, and onsite digital experiences at Furper.

Customer Support Manager - Tanya Lohia

Tanya Lohia is responsible for providing a productive and motivating working environment and addressing any issues/disputes from customers or clients. Tanya Lohia's job includes: Delivering a comprehensive service to inquiring customers and Managing customer needs. 

Writer - Soumi Sarkar

Soumi Sarkar is a Writer at Furper who produces literary compositions, articles, reports, books, and other texts. Soumi Sarkar is an excellent communicator and she loves to put together amazing content that educates and inspires Furper's customers.

Developer - Cuong Ng. 

Cuong Ng. plan, coordinate the design and updates new feature for better functionality on Furper. Cuong Ng. reviews every store web page and fix the issues, decide what material will appeal most to readers. During the review process, Cuong Ng. offers comments to improve the quality of store and suggest for new transformation at Furper.




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