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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Giveaway (INDIA)


Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Giveaway (INDIA)


During a big presentation, Xiaomi introduced a new fitness bracelet Mi Band 6,  aka Mi Smart Band 6, on the international market. This is the next generation of the popular line of wearable devices, which replaced last year's Mi Band 5. By the way, Mi Band 6 debuted  surprisingly early - for example, the previous model was announced only in June.   

What changed

It features a larger, sharper  display, more sensors for better health tracking and  longer battery life  than  its predecessor. It was expected that the bracelet will also receive GPS , but  this did not happen.

Thus, Xiaomi Mi  Band 6 received 1, 56-inch AMOLED display (to  50% greater than that of  Mi  Band 5) with  a resolution of 360 × 152 pixels and  pixel density of 326 PPI. The gadget looks more modern due  to the absence of thick margins at the bottom and  top - the display stretched out almost to the edges. There are 130 different dials to choose from, and the case is water resistant, so it can dive to a depth of 50 meters.       

Besides the heart rate monitor and  heart rate monitoring, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6
boasts a pulse oximeter that monitors the oxygen level in the blood. The SpO2 sensor can also be used to track breathing quality during  sleep, according to Xiaomi.

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