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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Body Weight Composition Scale S400 LED Display Dual Frequency Measurement Bluetooth 5.0 (150Kg)

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    Experience advanced body composition measurement with the Xiaomi-Mijia smart Body Weight Composition Scale S400. The LED display, dual frequency measurement, and Bluetooth 5.0 technology accurately measure your body composition. With a maximum weight of 150Kg, this scale is reliable and highly accurate.


    Product Model: MJTZC01YM
    Product Size: 300 × 300 × 24.55mm
    Weighing Unit: kg, g
    Weighing Range: 0.1~
    150kg Minimum Division Number: 0.1kg
    Shell Material: Tempered Glass + Engineering Plastic
    Operation Temperature: 0℃~40℃
    Net Weight: 1.45kg
    Wireless Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
    Rated Voltage: 4.5V-(AAA Alkaline Batteries x 3)
    Supported OS: Android 8.0 or iOS 12.0 or later

    Product Features:

    Dual Frequency Bioelectrical impedance measurement

    Low-frequency 25KHz measurement of extracellular fluid, water measurement in blood and tissue fluid

    High-frequency 100KHz measurement of intracellular fluid of muscle, fat, bone, organ, and other cells

    25Body composition measurement: Weight, Heart rate, BMI, body score, water, water
    body fat percentage, fat amount, protein amount, protein ratio, muscle mass, muscle mass, bone mineral content, bone mineral percentage, visceral fat level.

    Supports storing information of 36 people for ages 6-80

    Static heart rate detection indicates obsidian, normal, or rapid heart rate, pay attention to heart health.

    You can switch between multiple weighing modes with the Mijia app. Weighing range: 0.1kg-150kg

    Long-lasting durability for 180 days.


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