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Bear Professional Automatic Mixer Machine SJJ-A06Y2

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    Product Description:

    Bear Professional Automatic Mixer Machine SJJ-A06Y2 is your ultimate kneading and noodle making machine. It comes with 6 gear free speed knobs to make the kneading process efficient. With this device you can perform rapid mixing. It has a solid stainless steel body and supports effective shock reduction. It also features built-in accommodating weighing apparatus. This professional automatic mixer machine is suitable for kneading, mixing, whipping egg white and cream.

    Product Features:

    • Transparent dust cover design, transparent cover set discharge port, convenient and practical
    • 6 gear free speed knob to meet the needs of all kinds of material
    • Bottom suction disc design, solid body, effective shock reduction
    • Three dimensional heat dissipation design, protect the motor, enhance working time, effectively protect the service life of the motor
    • One key design, lift the fuselage, easy to replace the accessories
    • Built-in accommodating weighing apparatus
    • Bottom winding design, convenient to receive
    6 gear free speed change:
    1-3 gear: suitable for kneading
    1-4 gear: suitable for mixing
    5-6: whipping egg white, cream

    Product Details:

    Brand: Bear

    Model: SJJ - A06Y2

    Power: 600 w

    Voltage: 220 v

    Capacity: 4L

    Plug: Chinese plug


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