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Xiaomi Mijia smart sterilizing foot bath UV sterilization Integrated pushing electric massage Timing constant temperature

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    The Xiaomi Mijia is an innovative foot bath with a range of features designed to make your bathing experience more comfortable and hygienic. It is equipped with UV sterilization, an integrated pushing electric massage, and a timing function that maintains a constant temperature. Enjoy a more comfortable, clean, and refreshing bathing experience.


    Brand Name: MIJIA

    Model Number: MJZYQ02XM

    State of Assembly: Ready-:to-Go

    Communication method: Bluetooth-compatible

    Gyro: Mijia smart sterilizing foot bath

    Scale: 1:5

    Control Channels: 2 Channels

    Plug Type: US plug


    About This Item:

    This product stands out is that it adopts an innovative pipeline UV sterilization technology, which produces 254nm ultraviolet rays. This can effectively kill bacteria, fungi, and other germs in the water, strictly guard the health defense line, and protect the health of the feet at all times. With the water circulation sterilization method, the bacteria in the bucket and on the feet follow the circulation of water and undergo ultraviolet sterilization through the heater pipeline, truly achieving efficient sterilization.

    Another amazing feature is that while getting rid of germs from your feet, the device also serves as a foot massager. The double turntable massage head design at the bottom of the foot bath provides forward massage and reverse kneading, imitating the massage touch of human hands. The device features eight large contact points with a wide contact area covering the soles and arches of the feet. The three-speed electric massage provides alternate deep and shallow relaxation like undulating waves.


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