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GameSir G4 Pro Multi-Platform Game Controller

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    Product Description:

    GameSir G4 Pro Multi-Platform Game Controller allows gamers to play on Apple, Android, PC, and even Switch. It has magnetic ABXY buttons that allow you to change the ABXY layout at will depending on the gamer's needs for different gaming platforms, allowing gamers to control multiple platforms with just one gamepad. IT is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope. It supports motion control and is also more sensitive in recognizing the player's movements, which are then reflected in the game. For example, in the Switch game, DOOM, the player can control the character to fire bullets to attack enemies through somatic controls. You can play Apple arcade games, and not only that, but also  MFi certified games as long as they are available. The GameSir G4 pro's grip has a non-slip, comfortable texture that prevents the player's fingers from slipping off and significantly reduces grip fatigue. Moreover, by plating the surface of the GameSir G4 pro's shoulder buttons with a layer of metal, it enhances their durability and allows these shoulder buttons to become more resistant to sweat and corrosion, as well as making them feel better when your fingers are pressed against them. Its asymmetrical motor delivers the right intensity of vibration for the right scenario, right as you're swimming around. Whether you're jumping, crouching, or climbing, it provides the right feedback at exactly the right time. Faster, faster, faster. The enemy will soon be out of your locking range. Are you willing to miss that? Set up the turbo function of the GameSir G4 pro in advance and trigger it as soon as your enemies show up, with fast combos that will keep them at bay. Also, the GameSir G4 pro has a screenshot button to capture your most precious, funny and memorable gaming moments. Just press it with your finger when you think it's the perfect time to take a screenshot. Yes, just one click, screenshot done.

    Product Features:

    • Highly Support for iOS/Android/PC/Switch
    • Magnetic ABXY Fits Switch Layout perfectly
    • Six-Axis Gyroscope Makes Precise and Stable Control
    • Supports Apple Arcade, MFi Games and more games
    • Hold firmly and comfortably
    • Asymmetric Motor

    Product Details:


    Model: G4 pro

    Working Platform: Wired: PC / 2.4G: PC, Android / Bluetooth: Android, iOS, Switch

    Working Protocol: PC: X-input / Android HID-Gamepad / iOS: Apple Arcade, MFi / Switch: Origin Bluetooth, Gyro Supported

    ABXY Buttons: Magnetic

    Screenshot Button: PC / Android / Nintendo Switch

    Battery Capacity: 800 mAh

    Charging Method: Type-C USB 5V

    Package Includes:

    1 x Gamepad

    1 x 2.4G Receiver 

    1 x Type-C USB Cable 1 Meter



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