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RockBros Bicycle Fingerprint Bike Lock

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    Product Description:

    RockBros Bicycle Fingerprint Bike Lock is your perfect safety companion. It is a high security and drill resistant lock cylinder. It can be easily fixed to the Handlebar, Seat Post .etc. It is very easy to use, and easy to carry. It comes with complete configuration, perfect match, and it is a multi-use lock. 

    Product Features:

    • High security and drill resistant lock cylinder.
    • Easily fixed to the Handlebar, Seat Post .etc..
    • Easy to use, easy to carry.
    • Complete configuration, perfect match, a multi-use lock

    Product Details:

    Brand: Rockbros

    Name: Anti-theft Anti-fingerprint Bike Bicycle Lock

    Battery: 420mAh lithium battery

    Fingerprint capacity: 20pcs

    Use time: Full power can be unlocked 3000 times

    Size: about 19 * 12 * 3.7cm

    Body material: zinc alloy + ABS interlocking

    Hook material: aluminum alloy + silicone

    Weight: about 437 g

    Fingerprint Entry instruction:

    1. Initially, press any fingerprint to enter the fingerprint recognition port. the green LED flashes meanwhile you hear two sounds, it will unlock

    2. Within 5 seconds after unlocking, when the green LED is shining, put the fingerprint that you want to enter pressed the fingerprint recognition port for 4 seconds, you will hear a sound, that means enter the input mode.

    3. After the finger leaves, press 8 times continuously, and you will hear a sound every time. The last time there will be two sounds, then the finger will leave. After 10 seconds, the LED will go out and the recording will be completed.



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