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Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System TIL-WLC-T05

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    The Tilta Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System is a versatile product used in various processes because it is compatible with other Tilta devices and DJI gimbals. With its user-friendly touch screen, powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and multi-channel connection, the Tilta Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System is a must for both pros and enthusiasts.

    A revolutionary device, the Nucleus Nano II combines motor, gimbal, and camera control into one unit. It is an excellent option for professionals and fans because it provides easy control over important filmmaking parameters. The Nucleus Nano II's improved motor design offers five times as much torque as the original Nucleus Nano. It has a high-efficiency cooling system and an auto-adjustable torque design, making it more dependable and long-lasting. Because of the motor's excellent responsiveness, the user may make quick adjustments without experiencing any latency.

    One touch provides quick access to the device's interactive touchscreen control. As a result, the user may make quick adjustments without fumbling with menus or buttons. The touch screen provides an intuitive user experience and is quite responsive. With intelligent electronics control, the Nucleus Nano II's inbuilt rechargeable battery offers 7 hours of high power output. This makes sure that the gadget is constantly prepared for usage.

    For controlling up to 4 motors, the device also has multi-channel communication capabilities. This makes it simple for the user to change the focus, iris, zoom, and other settings. Professionals who must adjust various settings simultaneously find this functionality of special interest. The Nucleus Nano II's ability to work with various Tilta wireless control systems, including the original Nano, Nucleus-M, Mirage VND motor, and others, is one of its most amazing features. It may be combined with other Tilta products because of this, enabling easy integration into current workflows.

    Additionally, the Nucleus Nano II is the ideal mate for DJI gimbals. It offers effective control and communication and is compatible with gimbals with the RS2 and RS3 Pro standards. It is the perfect option for experienced filmmakers that require precise control over their equipment because of its capability.


    Tilta Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System
    • Tilta Nucleus-Nano II Wireless Focus Hand Wheel Controller
    • Tilta Nucleus-Nano II Wireless Lens Control Motor
    • 0.8 MOD, 32 Pitch, 26-Tooth Gear
    • 15mm Rod Clamp
    • Tilta Single 15mm Aluminum Rod (10cm, Anodised Black)
    • USB-C to USB-C Cable (30cm)
    • 2x Follow Focus Lens Gear Ring
    • Soft Case



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