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Safescan 2985-SX Banknote Value Counter & Sorter Cash Money Counting Machine

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    • Banknote value counter that counts and sorts mixed banknotes for all pre-installed currencies
    • Pre-installed currencies: HKD, SGD, MYR, BND, CNY, JPY, KRW, MOP, TWD, THB, IDR, PHP, INR, AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, MXN, GBP, EUR, CHF
    • Counts sorted banknotes for all other currencies
    • Counts up to 1.200 banknotes per minute
    • Counts up to three currencies at the same time in the multi-mix mode
    • Rapidly counts banknotes thanks to its large hopper capacity, double pocket design and continuous feeding
    • Verifies banknotes on up to seven security features: UV, MG, MT, Infrared, Image, Size and Thickness
    • 100% tested banknote verification by central banks
    • Presents an audio and visual alarm when a suspected banknote is detected
    • Automatically starts and stops counting the inserted stack of banknotes
    • Adds up the amount of counted notes across different runs with the add function
    • Shows a complete counting overview per currency and denomination
    • Creates equal stacks of banknotes with the automated batch function
    • Creates same-value stacks of banknotes with the value mix function
    • Sorts old and new banknote versions with the automated sort-version function
    • Sorts banknotes based on their orient or facing direction
    • Scans the tiniest details of banknotes thanks to its double CIS technology
    • Recognizes and processes the serial numbers for HKD, CNY, SGD, MYR, JPY, THB, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF
    • Automatically recognizes which currency is inserted
    • Can store individual pre-sets for even more convenience
    • Top loading hopper capacity: insert up to 500 banknotes per run
    • Stacker capacity: stops counting after 220 banknotes, remove stack to continue
    • Reject pocket capacity: can store up to 50 banknotes, remove banknotes to continue
    • Easily operated thanks to 3.5 inch high definition touch screen with quick menu
    • Multi-lingual interface available in: EN, SC, TC, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL
    • Free currency updates available to download whenever a new banknote is releasedIts internal 
    • Parts can easily be cleaned with a brush or air-duster spray by opening the top and back panel
    • Supports internal cleaning with the optional Safescan Cleaning Cards
    • Connects to the optional Safescan ED-160 external display for sharing of counting results
    • Connects to the optional Safescan Money Counting Software for exporting counting results
    • Compatible with the optional Safescan TP-230 thermal printer
    • Power: 110V ~ 240V
    • Dimensions: 27.1 x 30 x 29.3 cm
    • Weight: 9.2 kg
    • 10 day satisfaction guarantee
    • 3 year warranty
    • CE certified


    Process large amounts of banknotes with complete certainty and ease. The Safescan 2985-SX rapidly value counts and sorts mixed notes while simultaneously verifying them on up to seven security features. The 2985-SX has a double pocket design with dedicated reject pocket that provides uninterrupted counting. Perfect for when you need to process large stacks of cash quickly. Thanks to its smart design, high definition touch display and intelligent interface in your local language your cash counting, sorting and processing will be easier, faster and more accurate than ever.


    Rapidly value count and sort up to 1.200 banknotes per minute. The Safescan 2985-SX can value count and sort mixed notes for all pre-installed currencies as well as count sorted banknotes for any other currency.

    Simply place your banknotes on the Safescan 2985-SX and it will automatically recognize which currency it is. You can even count up to three currencies at the same time using the multi-mix mode, or sort out the currency you need with the advanced sorting function.

    Whenever a new banknote is released, you can easily update your Safescan 2985-SX for free by downloading the update from our website.


    Protect yourself and your business against counterfeit money. The Safescan 2985-SX verifies banknotes on up to seven security features including ultraviolet ink, infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic thread, image, size and thickness.

    When the 2985-SX encounters a suspected counterfeit, it will automatically place the banknote in the reject pocket, so your counting process can continue without any disruption.

    The Safescan 2985-SX is regularly tested at different central banks with the most sophisticated counterfeits to ensure 100% accurate detection.





      Thanks to its front-loading hopper and double-pocket design you can keep adding notes to the Safescan 2985-SX while it is counting. Besides continuous feeding, the Safescan 2985-SX has multiple automated features to make your counting process easier.

      Use the add feature to automatically add up the amount of notes counted across different runs, or choose one of the batch functions to create equal stacks of banknotes in quantity or value. You can even face or orient your banknotes, scan serial numbers, and save your own personal pre-sets. Simply choose the preferred feature and let the 2985-SX do all the work.




        Easily navigate through different features and currencies. Thanks to its high resolution full colour touch display and innovative user menu in your local language, you can operate all features on the Safescan 2985-SX with just the touch of your finger. No training needed!



          When counting large stacks of banknotes it is possible for dirt and dust to end up in your machine. Luckily you can easily open the top and the back of the Safescan 2985-SX and clean the internal sensors using a brush or air-duster spray. Your device is clean and ready in just a matter of seconds.



            Simplify your cash management by combining the Safescan 2985-SX with one of the custom accessories. Easily print your counting results with the Safescan TP-230 printer, or export them to your computer using the Safescan Money Counting Software. You can even share your counting results with your customers in real-time with the Safescan ED-160 external display.


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