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Xiaomi 70MAI Dual Charging TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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    Product Details:

    Xiaomi 70MAI Dual Charging TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System has the dual USB which allows the user to use the best way they want to use. It has the best usage and comes with the great battery power of 500mAh. it can be recharged from the solar sun energy. Embraces auto check level sensor to help savvy wake-up, wise interconnection, ongoing observing, double charging and different capacities. The beneficiary receives two-shading negative show innovation to help constant observing weight and temperature of 4 tires. it has the Bolster 1 second to screen quick air release, exact to 0.1Bar. the Bolster battery high-temperature security, when high temperature up to 60 Deg.C, battery quits charging, likewise underpins astute wake-up, when the auto begins, the recipient in the rest sensor naturally awakens, consequently rest when ceased.

    Product Features:

    • Solar power and USB dual charging mode, convenient and environmentally friendly 
    • Adopts car gauge level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, intelligent interconnection, real-time monitoring, dual charging and other functions. 
    • The receiver adopts two-color negative display technology to support real-time monitoring pressure and temperature of 4 tires 
    • Support 1 second to monitor rapid air leak, accurate to 0.1Bar  
    • Support battery high-temperature protection, when high temperature up to 60 Deg.C, battery stops charging, also supports intelligent wake-up, when the car starts, the receiver in the sleep sensor automatically wakes up, automatically sleep when stopped  
    • Support connection of smart rearview mirror and mobile APP "70mai" ( scan the QR code in the user manual ) 
    • Suitable for vehicles of 4 tires, such as car, off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle, van, station wagon 

    Product Details:

    Sensor parameters: 

    • Working voltage: 2 - 3.6V 
    • Emission current: 1 - 6.6mA 
    • Air pressure range: 0 - 8Bar 
    • Working temperature: -40 - 125 Deg.C 
    • Working frequency: 433MHz 

    Receiver parameters: 

    • Working voltage: 5V 
    • Working current: 1A 
    • Working temperature: -20 - 70 Deg.C 
    • Battery power: 500mAh 
    • Power supply: solar power / USB 
    • Wireless connection: Bluetooth V4.2


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