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XIAOMI MIJIA Anion Portable Hair Dryer

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    Product Description:

    XIAOMI MIJIA Anion Portable Hair Dryer comes in a compact and travel-friendly design. The handle is foldable, so it's portable and easy to carry. The high-performance high-speed motor provides powerful power and blows 12m /s high winds. The 6-wing fan blades hat have been professionally adjusted for dynamic balancing cut the wind more delicately, the wind is strong and not dry, while drying hair quickly, it will give you better Hair dryer experience. The built-in negative ion generator instantly generates tens of millions of negative ions, which is lowered to the show layer, neutralizes static electricity, smoothens frizz, closes hair scales, effectively reduces split ends of hair, and makes hair as smooth and shiny as care. 1600W just right power The heating wire cone-shaped tower design and step wise distribution can efficiently generate heat, balance the temperature, and cooperate with the wind protection network to blow out the balanced hot air. Quickly dry hair while reducing overheating damage, just the right temperature to fully care for your hair. Hot and cold air, strong and soft wind. Hot air dries hair quickly to deal with hurried mornings easily; press and hold cold air for quick styling. The 6-wing fan blade imitates the design of the propeller flow around the aircraft. Each fan blade has been professionally adjusted by the rectifier wings to make the wind softer, effectively reduce noise, and experience more comfort.

    Product Features:

    • Tens of millions of Negative Ions, quick drying and protect hair
    • Portable design with foldable handle, easy to carry for travel
    • 18000rpm high speed motor with powerful airflow, quick-drying with hair care
    • Innovative balanced heating element design
    • Adjustable wind speed to enjoy strong and soft wind, hot and cold wind
    • Aerodynamic noise reduction design with less noise and more comfortable
    • Double protection from overheating and fuse, Automatically power off when temperature exceeding

    Product Details:

     Package Includes:

    1 x XIAOMI MIJIA Anion Portable Hair Dryer

    1 x Plug

    1 x Chinese Instructions



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