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Yi Erida Drone 4K

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    Product Description:

    Yi Erida Drone 4K is exceptionally fast and agile, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 km/h) and flying for up to 40 minutes in test flights. The full carbon fiber body and unique three-rotor design is not only extremely lightweight, but also highly durable. Compared to steel, Erida is 5x stronger and weighs about 2/3 less. This breakthrough drone also features the YI 4K Action Camera, the only action camera on the market today that combines 4K video recording at 30 fps, up to 120 minutes of recording time, the most advanced 12-megapixel sensor, and a 7 layer optical glass lens with F/2.8 aperture 155° wide-angle. For the smoothest shooting possible, it also has a built-in advanced gimbal system, which is essential for producing professional- -quality footage. YI Erida’s gimbal works seamlessly with the drone, camera and controller. The YI Erida features patented folding rotors offering a compact design, making the drone extremely portable, whether in the backyard or around the world. It’s controlled from any mobile device using the compatible YI Erida mobile app, making a remote obsolete. From the app, users can set the flight mode, choose the height and shooting angle, control takeoff and landing, and check battery status, distance and flight time.

    Product Features:


    • Fast and agile
    • Up to 75 miles per hour (120 km/h)
    • Up to 40 minutes of flight time
    • Full carbon fiber body
    • 5 times stronger than steel
    • Weights 2/3 less
    • Control Quicker and Smarter
    • Make remotes obsolete with its intuitive control
    • Designed to make flying your YI Erida a simple experience. Use the app to control your settings and fly, or use the Magic Stick Mode to control YI Erida single handedly.
    • User friendly and intuitive experience can control and adjust settings - change flight mode, shooting angle, take-off, landing, etc. Easily check battery status, distance, and flight time
    • Advanced Hardware
    • Materials - 100% Carbon Fiber- Ultra strong and durable, extremely lightweight (1.3 kg) Design - High speed and extreme agility due to 3 rotor design and innovative aeronautics Flight time - Over 40 minutes of flight time even in extreme conditions Adaptive - possible to update hardware and use connect regular RC remote control or another device via via I2C, UART or USB

    Product Details:


    Weight:1600g (including main body, Battery, Propellors, Gimbal & YI 4K action camera)

    H × L × W: 96cm × 96cm × 12cm

    Max Speed: 28.88m/s

    Max Service ceiling above sea level: 6000m

    Max Flight time: 40min

    Operating temperature range: 6.8℉-104℉

    Platform (PTZ)

    Controllable Range : Pitch: -90 to 30

    Camera : 4K

    Remote Controller

    Operation frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz

    Max Transmission Distance: 3.5km


    Voltage: 17.4V

    Rated Power: 100W


    Intelligent Flight Battery

    Capacity: 6700mAh

    Maz Voltage: 17.4V

    Rated Voltage: 15.2V

    Battery Type: LiPo 4S

    Energy: 99Wh

    Net Weight: 550g

    Operating Temperature: 14℉-104℉

    Max Charging Power: 100w


    Flight Mode

    Course Lock: support

    Home Lock: support

    Point of Interest: support

    Follow Me: support

    Magic stick: support

    Drift: support

    RTL Hold: support




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