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Xiaomi Mijia Dictionary Pen

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    The new product includes laser text scanning, a quick recognition system, as well as accurate software translation, multilingual translation, or a write-down function.

    If we look at the details, it is located on the back 8 MPx a camera that supports scanning from multiple angles. There is also the ability to directly read text from above, as well as a laser scanner for translating text from a few lines to the entire page of text.

    There is support for outputting recorded content to an external application. It allows editing the translation, sharing the content online, as well as printing the translated content. If you find mistakes in sentences or names, you can also correct them from the application.

    In addition, the device also uses a pair of microphones and an algorithm for Noise Reduction with AI. It supports real-time voice translation as well as voice-to-text conversion, which is definitely a useful feature, especially on the go.

    The new product features laser scanning, over 15 million thesaurus entries, fast recognition system, accurate translation, both translator and recorder functions, and multilingual translation.

    Mijia Dictionary Pen is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera in the back that supports multi-angle scanning that can read text quickly from above. We then find a laser in the lower part that supports the translation of text over several lines and up to a full page.

    The Mijia Dictionary Pen also supports outputting recorded content to an external app, which allows for editing, online sharing, and printing. So if we find errors in the titles or sentences, especially with proper names, it will be possible to fix everything from the app.





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