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Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Straight Clip Professional Iron Curling and Straightening Hair

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    Brand Name: XIAOMI

    Function: Wireless Portable, ION-

    Model Number: MFZXQ02ZHM

    Power Source: Electric

    Type: Multifunctional curler/straightener

    Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

    Applicable hair: Dry & wet

    Min. temperature: 160 °C

    Max. temperature: 210 °C

    Temperature Controller: Knob

    Power: Less than 25 W



    Product name: Mijia wireless straight plate clamp

    Product model: MFZXQ02ZHM

    Rated input: 5V=3A

    Battery capacity: 2500mAh

    Product size: 227 x 43.5 x 42mm

    Product weight: 453g

    Executive standards: GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.15-2008, GB 4343.1-2018


    Switch on/off

    ·Power on Open the opening/closing lock to ensure that the flight mode has been released. Press and hold the function key for 2 seconds, and the straight plate clamp will start up for preheating. The indicator will display the power for 2 seconds and then switch to gear display.
    ·Shutdown: long press the function key for 2 seconds to shut down the straight plate clamp and close the opening/closing lock.


    ·To ensure safe use, when the opening/closing lock is closed, the indicator light flashes red after long pressing the function key, and the straight plate clamp cannot be started.
    ·When using for the first time, please push the flight lock inside the handle to close to release the flight mode.

    Shift gears

    ·Within 2 seconds after startup, press the function key briefly to switch gears: 165 ℃, 185 ℃, 210 ℃. The first boot is 165 ℃ at the first gear by default. The next power on is defaulted to the gear at the time of the last power off.
    ·After the gear is selected, the corresponding gear indicator will breathe white and the straight plate clamp will start to warm up. After the preheating is completed, the indicator light is always on white to display the corresponding gear.

    Flight Mode

    ·Push the flight lock to open to start the flight mode; Push the flight lock to OFF to release the flight mode.


    ·Do not touch the heating plate to avoid scalding.


    ·Make sure the hair is thoroughly dry before using the straight clip.
    ·Make sure to use the straight plate clamp after preheating, otherwise it will increase the power consumption.
    ·When the indicator light changes from the white gear indicator to a red flashing indicator light, it indicates that the power of the square plate clamp is low and it will automatically shut down.
    ·If you need to take this product with you by air, please confirm with the airline in advance, and the specific requirements shall prevail.


    The splint and the body can be wiped with a slightly wet soft cloth.


    ·Before cleaning, you must shut down the machine and disconnect the power supply.
    ·When cleaning, make sure that the straight plate clamp is completely cooled.
    ·Do not immerse the straight plate clamp in water.
    ·Do not use corrosive or abrasive detergent to avoid damage.

    Be careful

    ·Please do not use this product during charging.


    ·Before using the straight plate clamp, it is recommended to fully charge it to ensure sufficient molding time.
    ·During charging, the straight plate clamp may generate heat, which is normal.
    ·After fully charged, please disconnect the power supply in time.
    ·This straight clip can be charged by using a charging bank and other devices, but the charging time may be extended due to the influence of the power supply.


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